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Police Brutality & Police Misconduct in New York, NY

While this office encourages everyone to respect and obey the lawful instructions of the police, there are times when the police step over the line of permissible conduct into an area of impermissible conduct. On those occasions, this Law Office is prepared to step in to protect your rights.

Members of law enforcement are not permitted to use excessive, unreasonable force, that is, they are not permitted to use more force than is necessary in detaining, subduing or arresting an individual. There are occasions in which it is necessary for the police to use force in making an arrest. However, the amount of force that it is necessary to use is premised on a “reasonableness” standard. On the occasions when the police cross over the line of employing reasonable force and use unreasonable force, The Law Office Of Fred Lichtmacher, P.C. is prepared to step in, as we have so many times, to protect your rights.

If you believe you or your loved one has been subjected to the use of unreasonable force, via a beating, shooting, or otherwise, allow us to give you a free consultation to explore your possible claim. This office does not charge any fee for these types of police cases and is only paid if we prevail at trial or by settlement.